Threads Keep Crashing

Why Do Threads Keep Crashing? 10 Ways To Fix

Facing issues on social media is normal, and dealing with the Threads app crashing can be annoying. Whether it’s your device, technical glitches, or oversight, fixing these problems is crucial for a smooth experience. This article highlights reasons for Threads app crashes and offers ten straightforward solutions, considering that server-side problems may also affect the app.

Why is Your Thread App Keep Crashing? Reason Behind Threads App Crashing  

Threads may crash due to an outdated app version, corrupted data, low storage, technical server errors, bugs, glitches, poor network, and other device-related issues.

If your Threads app isn’t working or keeps crashing, various reasons, from simple errors to broader server problems, could be at play. Let’s explore the causes of errors in your Threads application to better understand the issue at hand. Rewrite in simple words.

Outdated App Version

Using an outdated app version can lead to issues because each update brings bug fixes, new features, and security enhancements. If your Threads app is crashing, it might be due to using an older version on your Android or iOS device. 

Device Incompatibility

If you’re using an outdated or damaged device with limited features, you might face issues using the Threads application. Consider using a functional and compatible device for a smoother experience. 

App Bugs & Glitches

Applications often crash because of bugs and glitches, especially during installation or after an update. The severity can vary from temporary issues, which can be resolved by refreshing, to more serious problems that may necessitate reinstallation.

Low Device Storage

Your smartphone has two important types of memory: RAM (Random Access Memory) and ROM (Read-Only Memory). If either of these is low on capacity, it can lead to the Threads app crashing. For instance, if you have many apps open in the background, and your RAM is full, accessing the app may become challenging. The same applies to device storage if it’s nearly full, causing insufficient space for additional data, you will likely encounter issues with the application.

Technical Server Issues

Heavy traffic, hacking attempts, and various factors can lead to server problems either locally (in a specific country) or globally. Server issues are typically temporary and can be resolved by the developers. You can report the problem to ensure a prompt resolution. Rewrite in simple words.

How to Fix Threads Keep Crashing?

If you are searching solution for Threads App Keep Crashing then you are at the right place. Below we give you some methods that can solve your Threads app keep crashing problem. 

Method 1: Check Server Status

Sometimes, the whole server might have a problem. Check the official site or other places to see if other users are having the same issue. If many people are affected, just wait for the developers to fix it. Rewrite in simple words.

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Method 2: Check Your Internet Connection 

A stable internet connection is crucial for using Threads without issues. If the app encounters a temporary error and your internet is slow or insufficient, it may lead to crashes. Try turning off and on your internet, or contact your provider if the problem persists, as they can assist with network-related issues.

Method 3: Update your Thread App

If your Threads app is crashing, the first thing to do is update it to the latest version. Updates fix bugs and improve performance. Using outdated software can lead to issues, so make sure to update Threads through the Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS) to solve crashing problems.

Method 4: Delete Thread App Cache & Data

Software often crashes due to accumulated unnecessary and corrupted data. Clearing the cache can resolve such issues as it primarily consists of temporary files.

Close the Threads app, clear its cache on your smartphone, and reopen it to check if the problem persists. If it does, consider clearing the app’s data.

For iOS (iPhone or iPad) users, offloading the app is the alternative to clearing the cache, as the latter is only available on Android. To offload the app, go to Settings >> General >> Storage >> Threads. Click the “Offload app” option and then reinstall the app to resolve any issues.

Method 5: Free up some Phone Storage

For any app, like Threads, to work smoothly, you need to have enough space on your device. If your device doesn’t have sufficient RAM or storage, Threads might keep crashing.

If it’s a RAM issue, closing other apps running in the background might help. But if your device is running out of storage, try deleting some files.

To avoid future crashing problems, think about getting a Cleaner app for your phone. These apps can regularly clean up unnecessary files and warn you when your storage is getting full.

Method 6: Restart or Reboot your Smart Phone or Device 

If the above method not working then, the issue could be with your device. In such situations, try restarting your smartphone. After the restart, open the app again, and it should function correctly. 

Method 7: Report the Issue to the Threads Support Team

If none of the methods mentioned above resolves the issue, seek assistance from the Threads support team. As the app is crashing, you can’t request help from within the app. Contact Instagram support, as Threads is connected to it. Alternatively, send an email to to bring the matter to their attention.


Why is the Threads app crashing?

The Threads app may crash because of an outdated version, low storage space, corrupted data, server problems, bugs, glitches, poor internet, and other device issues. 

Is the Threads app crashing a common issue or specific to my device?

If Threads is experiencing issues due to server problems, bugs, or glitches, crashing is expected. Otherwise, the problem may lie with your device, and a simple restart can often resolve it. Rewrite in simple words.


The Threads app may crash due to various reasons, from device issues to server problems. Fortunately, most issues are fixable, unless your device is incompatible. Follow the solutions provided above step by step to resolve the problem.

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