How to Use Janitor AI: The Ultimate Guide

Janitor AI is a powerful chatbot that goes beyond mere conversation, offering task automation, enhanced data communication, and versatile assistance across multiple domains.

However, to engage with Janitor AI, you need to download it, and that’s where we come in. Accessible via its website or Discord server, Janitor AI operates as a cloud-based service, reliant on an internet connection and a valid account for seamless functionality.

This guide delves into every aspect of Janitor AI, unraveling the mystery of its downloadability and providing answers to your queries. Discover how this exceptional AI can transform your experience through its wide range of capabilities and services.

What is Janitor AI?

Janitor AI represents significant advancements in the realm of artificial intelligence. By employing advanced AI algorithms, it seamlessly facilitates interactions and offers automated assistance across various industries. Leveraging the power of natural language processing (NLP) techniques, Janitor AI demonstrates a remarkable ability to comprehend and respond to user queries with efficiency. Its proficiency in information retrieval and customer support makes it an ideal solution, showcasing its remarkable competence and versatility.

Is it Possible to Download Janitor AI For Free?

As of 6/15/2023, Janitor AI does not have a reliable mobile app. However, users can access its web interface to chat with the AI-powered chatbot. Unfortunately, you cannot download Janitor AI onto your device or use it offline. Nevertheless, you can enjoy its features through the web interface, which is completely safe. Janitor AI can be utilized as a basic online chatbot or integrated into your projects as an API. It offers a free plan that grants you up to 10 hours of usage per month.

However, registration and configuration of the API with an OpenAI key are required. The OpenAI key is not free and carries a cost of $0.02 per 1000 characters for GPT-4 or $0.002 for GPT-3.5 Turbo. Technically, you can use Janitor for free, but you still need to pay for the OpenAI service. If you desire more features and unlimited chatbot usage, you can upgrade to the Pro plan.

Why Is It Necessary To Setup API On Janitor AI?

The API enables customization and maintains the behavior and responses of the Chatbot based on the specific needs and priorities of the user. The OpenAPI is written in either JSON or YAML format and serves as a guarantee for developers who wish to create integrations with the API.

By adopting a common language or structure within the API, different software products can effectively express and interact with one another. It describes various functionalities of the API, including available endpoints, request and response formats, authentication methods, and more. Additionally, it communicates and defines the features of the API in a standardized manner. Embracing OpenAPI, in general, leads to the enrichment of a broader API ecosystem.

How To Setup API On Janitor AI?

Before utilizing Janitor AI, it is essential to configure its API, as it establishes a connection between your website or application and the chatbot. To initiate the API setup process for Janitor AI, you need to follow these steps.

1. Go to the website of Janitor AI and register by creating your own login credentials.

2. Explore the available characters and choose the one you prefer for chatting.

3. Locate and click on the chat option associated with your chosen character.

4. Note that you won’t be able to start a chat right away because an API Key is required.

5. To set up an API Key, click on the API not ready! Click to set up button. This will open a dialog box.

6. Select your preferred AI option.

7. Proceed to the OpenAI Key section, where you will need to provide the OpenAI key to activate the chatbot.

8. Launch the Open API Key in a new window.

9. Create a new secret key by clicking on the Create a new secret key option.

10. Copy the generated API key and paste it into the OpenAI key settings on the Janitor AI website.

11. Save the settings to apply the API key.

How to chat in Janitor AI?

Janitor AI, an innovative platform, takes AI chat to a whole new level. With its unique blend of intelligent algorithms and interactive characters, Janitor AI offers users an immersive and engaging chat experience like never before. Whether you’re seeking assistance, entertainment, or simply a friendly conversation, Janitor AI has it covered. We will guide you through the process of chatting with Janitor AI, exploring its features, and uncovering the possibilities that arise when human-like conversation meets cutting-edge AI technology.

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Create an Account

To initiate your conversation with Janitor AI, you must first establish an account on the official website. The process of creating an account is fast and uncomplicated, granting you complete access to Janitor AI’s extensive capabilities. You have the option to register using your email address or effortlessly sign up using your preferred social media accounts, such as Facebook or Gmail. This seamless registration procedure guarantees a prompt start to your Janitor AI experience.

Choose Your Chatbot Persona

Once you’ve successfully created your account, a multitude of chatbot choices awaits you on Janitor AI. These chatbots embody various personas, drawing inspiration from real-life personalities, movies, novels, and beyond. Janitor AI caters to your preferences by offering a personalized and captivating encounter. Whether you seek the company of a friendly companion, the guidance of a wise mentor, or the whimsy of a fictional character, Janitor AI presents the ideal chatbot persona tailored just for you.

Start Chatting

Once you’ve chosen your desired chatbot persona, you can begin conversing with Janitor AI. There are two main methods to engage: through the website interface or by integrating Janitor AI into your projects using the provided APIs and developer resources. The website interface offers a basic chatbot experience while integrating Janitor AI into your projects enables customized utilization of its capabilities.

Janitor AI employs advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques for accurate comprehension, leading to human-like conversations and efficient query resolution. This powerful technology ensures a smooth, natural, and satisfying chat experience with Janitor AI.

Manage Your Conversations

Janitor AI presents a user-friendly and immersive platform for interacting with AI characters. With its comprehensive interface, users can effortlessly navigate, edit chats, share content, and even summarize conversations. These functionalities establish Janitor AI as a powerful tool in AI-driven communication.

A standout feature of Janitor AI is the option to delete messages from a particular point onward. However, it is important to exercise caution when using this feature, as deletions cannot be reversed. Mindfulness is key in order to preserve the conversation’s context and continuity.

Is Janitor AI Chat Private Or Public?

Janitor AI ensures private chats where only the users have access to view the conversations. However, by enabling the ChatGPT settings in the chatbot configuration, users can allow Janitor AI to review the chats and provide conversational responses. It is important to note that this feature is deactivated by default and requires user activation. Furthermore, the Janitor AI team explicitly affirms that the user’s chat with the AI bot remains confidential, with neither the team nor the AI having the ability to view them.

What Is Janitor AI Reverse Proxy?

Janitor AI is an online platform that enables users to engage in conversations with diverse AI personalities, including celebrities, fictional characters, or personalized chatbots. Several reverse proxy servers, such as NGINX, HAProxy, Istio, Linkerd, and Varnish, exemplify this concept. A reverse proxy operates as an intermediary between a client and a backend server, offering a range of services such as security, load balancing, caching, and various other features. Additionally, it has the capability to bypass the OpenAI API (Application Programming Interface) key requirement by directing requests through an alternative server with a valid key.

Benefits Of Using Janitor AI Reverse Proxy

The Janitor AI reverse proxy provides a means to access the Janitor AI website without the need for an OpenAI key or subscription payment. Utilizing the Janitor AI reverse proxy offers several potential advantages:

1. Free access to Janitor AI features: Users can enjoy the full range of Janitor AI functionalities, including character creation, customization, and engaging in conversations, without any cost.

2. Bypassing OpenAI restrictions: By utilizing the Janitor AI reverse proxy, users can easily circumvent limitations imposed by OpenAI, such as message limits, response times, and content filters.

3. Enhanced privacy protection: By not sharing personal information with Janitor AI or OpenAI, users can safeguard their privacy while utilizing the platform.

Using a reverse proxy to access the Janitor AI website is akin to bypassing the original server and connecting to an alternate one. However, it is important to note that seeking reverse proxies to access the website without an OpenAI API key is not recommended, as it may compromise the service’s quality and security.

How To Set Janitor AI Reverse Proxy?

To establish a reverse proxy for Janitor AI, you’ll require an OpenAI API key and a domain name. Follow these steps to begin:

1. Select a reputable and high-performance proxy service that supports OpenAI. There are various options available, so ensure you choose one that meets your specific requirements.

2. Set up the reverse proxy by following the instructions provided by the chosen proxy service. Typically, this involves configuring your domain name to point to the proxy service’s servers. The proxy service will provide detailed guidance on making the necessary DNS configurations.

3. Once the reverse proxy is configured, you can utilize it to access the Janitor AI API. Instead of sending requests directly to the OpenAI API, you’ll send them to the proxy service’s servers. The proxy service will then forward your requests to the OpenAI API and return the responses to you.

4. Open your web browser and navigate to the Janitor AI website.

5. Log in to your Janitor AI account using your login credentials.

6. Upon logging in, you’ll be presented with the chat interface where you can interact with the AI.

7. If you encounter an error message saying API not ready! Click to Setup. in the top right corner, proceed to the next step.

8. Click on the three-line icon (≡) located at the top right corner of the page to reveal a menu.

9. From the menu, select API Settings.

10. In the API Settings, locate the option for Open API and choose Reverse Proxy from the available options.

11. A box will appear where you should enter the Open AI Reverse Proxy and Reverse Proxy Key.

12. Fill in the appropriate values for the Open AI Reverse Proxy and Reverse Proxy Key in the provided box.

13. Once you’ve entered the necessary information, click the Save or Apply button to save your settings.

14. You should now be able to utilize the Janitor AI chatbot with the configured reverse proxy.

Please note that these steps are based on the information you provided. It’s important to follow any specific instructions or guidelines provided by Janitor AI or consult their documentation for accurate setup instructions.

Using a reverse proxy offers several advantages, including enhanced security, improved performance, and the ability to control access to the Janitor AI API. Additionally, it helps prevent exceeding the OpenAI API usage limits and incurring additional charges by allowing you to use the API for free after the initial 500 messages.

Risks Of Using Reverse Proxy

While using Janitor AI can be considered relatively safe, there are ethical considerations to keep in mind. Setting up a reverse proxy for Janitor AI can provide security and performance benefits, but it also comes with certain risks that should be acknowledged. Here are some of the risks associated with using a reverse proxy:

1. Risk of information storage: When utilizing a reverse proxy, there is a possibility of data being stored, including IP addresses and encrypted-decrypted information.

2. HTTP request smuggling: Attackers can potentially submit requests with a user’s session, allowing them to manipulate and interact with the processing of HTTP requests.

3. Risk of failure: If the reverse proxy is responsible for multiple domains, any outage or failure in the proxy can impact the availability of all those domains.

Considering these risks, it is important to thoroughly evaluate whether setting up a Janitor AI reverse proxy is truly necessary and justified. It may not be advisable unless you have a compelling reason to do so.

Furthermore, it’s crucial to note that using Janitor AI or any of its products without proper authorization or payment may potentially violate the terms of service or intellectual property rights of OpenAI or Janitor AI. It’s important to adhere to the applicable terms and respect intellectual property rights when using these services.

How to Use Janitor AI?

Once you’ve successfully created an account on Janitor AI, a wide range of chatbots will be at your disposal for exploration. Each of these chatbots boasts unique personalities, capabilities, and areas of specialization. It’s up to you to select the chatbot that aligns perfectly with your requirements and goals. Once you’ve made your choice, you can decide how to utilize it effectively.

If you prefer a simple online chatbot experience, you can interact with it directly through Janitor AI’s website interface. On the other hand, if you have specific projects in mind, you can seamlessly integrate the chatbot using the provided APIs and developer resources. Janitor AI offers effortless integration options, making project implementation a breeze.

Is Janitor AI Safe?

Janitor AI prioritizes the safety and security of its users and their data. The company takes various measures to ensure a safe and reliable environment for users to interact with chatbots. However, it’s important to note that the safety of any AI system also depends on how it is used.

Janitor AI implements security protocols and follows industry best practices to protect user information and maintain the integrity of its platform. This includes encryption of data transmission, strict access controls, regular security audits, and compliance with relevant privacy regulations.

That being said, as with any online platform, it’s always advisable to exercise caution and avoid sharing sensitive or personal information while interacting with chatbots or any other online service. If you have specific concerns or questions about the safety measures implemented by Janitor AI, it’s recommended to reach out to their support team for detailed information.


Janitor AI offers a comprehensive and immersive chatbot experience with its diverse chatbot personas, user-friendly interface, and powerful communication capabilities. By leveraging its features and adhering to safety guidelines, users can make the most of Janitor AI’s transformative AI technology.

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